iQor’s TeQ21 Platform

In addition to serving as Chairman and managing partner of HGGC, LLC, Gary Crittenden has advised several of its portfolio companies as chairman of the board. In the past, Gary Crittenden chaired the board of Power Holdings. His present board commitments include chairmanships of iQor and Citadel Plastics Holdings, Inc.

From its headquarters in New York City, iQor delivers outsourcing and smart customer interactions through a network of contact centers and homes all over the globe. The company does so by relying on a proprietary, award-winning technology platform it calls TeQ21.

TeQ21 combines cloud-based infrastructure and desktop virtualization to deliver compliance and security while improving customer service. The platform uses thin client workstations that connect to iQor through the cloud, allowing the company to store all data and handle all processing centally. The move to thin clients has allowed it to become much more nimble, and it can now add or remove bulk quantities of terminals from its system in just hours.

To handle security, TeQ21 has done away with passwords and moved toward biometrics. All access to the TeQ21 system relies upon a finger swipe from a contact center agent. The company has also put together several cutting-edge software packages to make its agents more efficient. For more information, visit iQor online at

HGGC Portfolio Spotlight: Hybris Software

In 2009, Gary Crittenden joined middle-market private equity firm HGGC, LLC. He had previously worked for corporations including Monsanto, Sears Roebuck & Company, and Citigroup as chief financial officer. Today, Gary Crittenden serves as HGGC’s chief executive officer and as one of its managing partners.

HGGC’s portfolio features two companies focused on digital commerce, including on-demand solution and enterprise software provider hybris software. hybris uses a single, scalable, and flexible platform to provide unified commerce processes and data management. It offers its software through managed hosting, as well as on demand and on premise, providing its clients with flexibility in terms of implementation

As a result of its rapid growth and leadership in its industry, hybris was acquired by SAP AG in 2013. The deal, announced in July, will combine hybris’ platform with several platforms already owned by SAP, providing the larger company with a more complete portfolio of software and services to offer its clients and their customers.

iQor Grows by Acquisition

In addition to fulfilling his responsibilities as the CEO and managing partner of HGGC, LLC, Gary Crittenden serves on the boards of several HGGC portfolio companies. Gary Crittenden’s current board positions include chairman of the board at iQor.

iQor has recently expanded by acquiring another business. In late 2012, iQor announced its acquisition of the CCT Group, which provides business customer care services (in-bound telephone customer service) in contact centers around the world.

Speaking around the occasion of the acquisition, iQor’s CEO said that the company had decided to acquire CCT as part of an overall strategy to broaden the platform for its analytics and technology-enabled solutions. iQor’s core business areas lie in interventions like collections and bankruptcy, processes like data entry and credit-card charge-backs, enablers like business intelligence and customer analytics, and customer care, including technical and product support.

CCT had a particularly strong presence in several verticals that iQor had targeted, including telecommunications and business services, as well as a broad footprint in the Philippines and Latin America. For more information about the deal, visit

Thermoplastics at Citadel Plastics Holdings

As a member of the management team at private equity firm HGGC, LLC, Gary Crittenden chairs the boards of two of its portfolio businesses, including iQor and Citadel Plastics Holdings, Inc. Within HGGC, Gary Crittenden serves as the chief executive officer and as one of the firm’s managing partners. He also sits on the company’s investment committee and executive and policy committee. Previously, he worked for a variety of corporations including Citigroup, Sears Roebuck & Company, and Monsanto as chief financial officer.

Citadel is a global plastics compounding business that has two primary product lines: Thermoplastics and thermoset plastics. Thermoset plastic is compounded from proprietary formulae for uses that required the plastic to be stable as very high temperatures such as the reflector behind headlights in automobiles.

Thermoplastics are compounded for a wide variety of consumer products including the such familiar items as the plastic housing for lawn mower engines.