Research and Development at Aclo Compounders

Gary Crittenden, the chairman and managing partner of HGGC, LLC, belongs to the boards of directors for a number of the firm’s portfolio companies. Among Gary Crittenden’s current board commitments is membership on the board of Citadel Plastics Holdings, Inc., which owns ACLO Compounders.

Clients of ACLO Compounders’ research and development services can count on one of the premier teams and facilities in the industry to fulfill their project needs. ALCO has earned its reputation largely through its close connection to customers. The company takes pains to anticipate and respond to market needs and to retain flexibility throughout the research process. Its fluidity in the face of rapid shifts helps its clients keep ahead in fast-changing markets.

ALCO also emphasizes a dedication to testing during research. Its fully accredited lab contains facilities for real-world testing and scaling, so that once a product finishes research, it can move straight to the production line. For more information on ALCO and its research and development processes, visit