Palo Alto CEO, Gary Crittenden – Citadel Plastics and Sustainability

A financial services professional with a successful record in middle market private equity buyouts, Gary Crittenden served as the chief financial officer of Citigroup before joining HGGC, LLC in 2009. This Palo Alto, California, firm has a portfolio of successful technology, consumer and industrial businesses, including Citadel Plastics. Today, Gary Crittenden chairs the board of Citadel while simultaneously serving as the CEO of HGGC.

A global leader in the composite plastics industry, Citadel Plastics specializes in developing thermoset and thermoplastic compounds for the industrial sector. Headquartered in Chicago, the company has operations around the globe. Citadel has a particular focus on the development of environmentally friendly plastic compounds. The company uses molding materials, such as talc and clay, to extend hydrocarbon function.

In addition to incorporating these abundant resources, the firm is researching the possibility of drawing the resin oils and additives it needs from crops such as soy beans and corn. Moreover, Citadel has developed techniques to recycle previously molded plastics and has found that many products derived from post-industrial plastics perform equally as well as their virgin plastic counterparts.

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