Gary Crittenden – iQor Participates in Online Summit

The chairman of the board of iQor, Gary Crittenden serves as the CEO of HGGC, LLC, a private equity firm that has invested heavily in the customer contact management company. Gary Crittenden brings more than three decades of experience these ventures; previously he worked with such companies as American Express, Monsanto, Citigroup, and Sears Roebuck & Company.

Recently, Customer Management IQ organized “Big Data for Customer Management,” a free online summit for industry professionals. This opportunity featured presentations from customer management leaders such as Norman Merritt, the president and CEO of iQor. A global firm that specializes in developing outsourcing solutions for clients, iQor prides itself on “understanding each customer’s DNA.” During his talk at the Big Data for Customer Management Summit, Mr. Merritt encouraged attendees to map their customers’ genomes, explaining how customer service operations can increase value with applied analytics. Several other speakers also offered advice on how companies can strategically incorporate Big Data into their business plans to boost efficiency, profits, and overall customer satisfaction.

This innovative summit took place on May 22 and May 24, beginning at noon Eastern Time each day. Attendees joined the online dialogue from workstations around the globe.