Hollander Becomes Largest Utility Bedding Supplier

Gary Crittenden joined HGGC, LLC, as its chairman and managing partner in 2009, after working as the chief financial officer of Citigroup. HGGC remains one of the nation’s leading middle market private equity firms. Recently, Gary Crittenden’s firm announced that its portfolio company Hollander Home Fashions, LLC, would acquire Louisville Bedding Company. The joined companies will operate under the name Hollander Sleep Products, LLC. Hollander acquired only the Louisville Bedding basic bedding retail business; Louisville Bedding will continue to operate a contract bedding business. Many Louisville Bedding employees, however, will become members of the Hollander team. Home Textiles Today magazine hailed the new entity as the largest utility bedding pure play supplier in North America, and the third largest in the entire industry.

The acquisition represents an important transaction for Gary Crittenden’s firm, Hollander, and the bedding industry as a whole. With the acquisition, Hollander has obtained a number of new manufacturing facilities that will drastically increase its output and widen its distribution network, positioning the company for further expansion.

iQor’s Hiring Culture

As managing partner and Chairman of HGGC, LLC, Gary Crittenden takes an active role in ensuring the success of its portfolio companies. Gary Crittenden presently chairs the boards of directors of two such companies, iQor and Citadel Plastics Holdings, Inc.

iQor relies upon technology-assisted hiring in order to find new ways to excel and provide the best service possible to its clients. In large part, that means making an effort to seek out and retain the best people. iQor operates an initiative it calls T.R.I.P., which stands for Talent Referral Incentive Program, to encourage its employees to refer family members and friends to the company. If an employee’s referrals go on to become employees themselves, the referring employee receives a monetary reward.

To find the best employees from its pool of referrals, iQor makes use of an online emotional aptitude test that measures key metrics, including likelihood to remain at the company, analytical skills, and level of motivation. Once a potential hire becomes an employee, he or she receives training through iQor’s online university, sQool, and can take advantage of opportunities for advancement, including periodic reviews and eligibility for increases in pay.