HGGC Takes Grocery E-Commerce Support Global

In February 2014, middle-market private equity company HGGC, LLC (formerly Huntsman Gay Global Capital, LLC), announced yet another addition to its holdings in the digital marketing sector. HGGC purchased Buy4Now Technology Group, based in Ireland, and will operate that company as a subsidiary of its existing portfolio company MyWebGrocer, Inc. The strategy takes MyWebGrocer, headquartered in Vermont, into the global marketplace in e-commerce services. MyWebGrocer had acquired a Buy4Now subsidiary in 2008.

MyWebGrocer began serving small retail grocery stores in 1999, when it offered an online platform that enabled them to compete in a digital environment. Its growth over the past decade and a half has driven MyWebGrocer to a leading position among providers of e-commerce solutions that assist grocers in connecting with their customers. Through MyWebGrocer, clients can access high-quality Web-design, hosting, and consulting services.

Buy4Now, operating out of Dublin, offers MyWebGrocer a full-service Internet platform and the existing staff and clientele to expand into the European market. Buy4Now has more than 10 years of experience serving its market through its variety of e-commerce offerings. Buy4Now’s long-term relationship with major Irish grocery store company Musgrave Group, along with its general merchandise functionalities, offers MyWebGrocer an accessible means of transitioning into a major role in global e-business.

HGGC Portfolio Spotlight – MyWebGrocer

Gary Crittenden has served as the Chief Executive Officer of HGGC, leading the firm through the acquisition of portfolio companies in several industries. Gary Crittenden now serves as chairman of HGGC, which recently returned all $1.1 billion of committed capital from its first fund.

MyWebGrocer is one of HGGC’s newest portfolio companies, having been acquired in June of 2013. The enterprise, started in 1999, is the United States’ biggest provider of solutions in e-marketing and e-commerce to consumer packaged goods and grocery businesses. MyWebGrocer offers a suite of services, including consulting, hosting, website design, and the creation of specialty website modules.

The company presently caters to over 140 national retailers, for whom it handles tasks ranging from online digital circulars and e-mail to customer acquisition and e-commerce. Based in Winooski, Vermont, MyWebGrocer operates offices in several major U.S. cities, including New York and Chicago. It also upholds a presence internationally from an office in London. In 2013, the company announced that it would power the online platform of Foodstuff Ltd New Zealand.