Serena Software Enhances Parallel Development

Serena Software Inc. became a new member of HGGC’s portfolio in the first part of 2014. HGGC, a Bay Area private equity firm focused on the middle market, recently ramped up its acquisition of companies in the high-technology field with significant growth potential. San Mateo, California-based Serena works with its client businesses to deliver development and operations products that streamline and enhance release and deployment and unite the functions of information technology and applications. Established in 1980, Serena provides orchestrated development of applications and management of releases in a way that brings all the relevant systems together smoothly and seamlessly.

In fall 2013, Serena executives announced the innovative Dimensions CM 14 Preview Program. The product allows customers to enjoy early engagement with cutting-edge software features in mobile and parallel development, and those that encompass new product capabilities. By focusing on offering increased ease of operation and transparency, Dimensions CM 14 aims to make its customers’ development and deployment cycles even more efficient. Through Dimensions CM 14, staff charged with release management and development can now improve their understanding of their own production and deployment streams in real time.

Parallel development is a particularly important concept in today’s global business climate. A company’s effectiveness is immediately increased when it has access to the best products and practices for maintaining the visibility of multiple incoming updates and requests.