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Welcome to the blog of Gary Crittenden, an experienced finance executive and the current chairman and managing partner of private equity firm HGGC, LLC. A prime source for a variety of corporate and financial news, the blog invites you to stay up to date with Gary Crittenden on the latest developments, trends, companies, and people making news in today’s business community.

With more than 30 years’ professional experience, Gary Crittenden is a leading figure in the financial services industry and an expert on numerous management and investment matters. At HGGC, a Palo Alto-based middle-market private equity firm, Crittenden is chairman of the firm and sits on its policy, executive, and investment committees, in addition to serving as board chairman for iQor and Citadel Plastics, two of HGGC’s portfolio companies. His previous career highlights include 12 years of service with the international management consulting firm Bain & Company, during which he co-founded the firm’s Munich office, as well as his successful guidance of Citigroup through the global financial crisis as its CFO from 2007 to 2009. In recognition of his business achievements and service, he received an honorary doctorate from Weber State University in Utah. Crittenden has also been named two times by Institutional Investor Magazine as one of the “Best CFOs in America.”

Drawing inspiration from Gary Crittenden’s extensive career, business expertise, and personal interests, this blog explores a wide range of issues and ideas connected to the world of business and finance. Offering a balanced perspective through its combination of general and detailed content, the blog examines all manner of topics from the big to the small. Like Crittenden himself, the blog will focus on many of the overall issues facing contemporary corporate culture, from sustainability to the integration of new technology, and from executive leadership to shifts in hiring culture. Investigations into these broad questions are complemented by considerations of more finance-specific subjects such as investment trends and market news and analysis.

Readers interested in a more detailed picture will likewise find plenty of material. The blog offers insights into HGGC portfolio companies and their activities, information on relevant events such as financial summits and conferences, and up close analysis of topical industry news stories. Influential business leaders and thinkers are also profiled.

Gary Crittenden’s blog is proud to bring you the best in business news and information. For the latest updates and articles, please be sure to visit regularly.

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